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My Interview with Spike Lee


My interview with Spike Lee in Jacksonville Florida was a adventurous experience to say the least. Brother Spike and I disagree about many positions but I have always admired his courageousness and his accomplishments as writer/director. We talked about Jacksonville and how it was a major hub for the slave trade once upon a time and how that tide has changed in this current time - especially now with a black mayor: wowzer. In the midst of our reflective and reminiscent conversation we were interrupted by a lady that felt Spike should make a movie about the life of Dorthy Dandrith and that SHE should be the staring actress. Not only had Halle Berry already inked this role, and the film is probably at RedBox, but this lady was no Halle Berry. I guess she didn’t think resembling the acclaimed singer was a deal breaker for the film. She went on to SING in front of us and create her own casting moment. This was in a closed, security protected room. Not quite sure how she even got back there. One thing she didn’t lack was confidence. Mr. Lee smiled and took her script and was very polite with her. Unfortunately that event was so bizarre that it ended our interview. I couldn’t help but think to myself, did this lady “do the right thang?” #Iknowthatwascorny
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